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Version 1.0 Release Notes

March 2nd, 2009

Issues addressed in v 1.0:

  • AI now gives priority to the use of defensive maneuvers, esp. shield, to prolong battles.
  • Fixed crash on startup when going from splash screen to new game.
  • Fixed memory leak in 3D file loading.  No remaining memory leaks.
  • Fixed issue where purchases in store might not be credited to player.
  • Fixed issue where help pops up on resume when player is out of ammo.
  • Changed guided missile accelerometer input scaling in low  and medium difficulty.
  • Fixed issue where computer did not do the right number of shot probes when switching difficulty.
  • Moderately fixed issue where computer does not intelligently recover from a low shot that continually misses.
  • Improved issue where strategically placed earthquake trail can leave player hovering in mid air.
  • Improved level loading time by as much as 50% !!!
  • Changed crash handling.  If the game crashes (never!) it will restart with the last state.  If it crashes again immediately, it will restart and ignore any saved state.  All progress will be lost but at least game will run again.
  • New application icon looks much less like a push-pin.

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