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LD50 and LD50 Lite version 1.1 were approved by Apple on Wednesday March 25th!  It only took roughly four working days for approval.  Changes are detailed in a previous post here.

The first real review of LD50 is up.  It's a thoughtful review, overall very positive, but clearly not resonating with this particular reviewer:

LD50 @ TapCritic

Version 1.2 is almost done.  It will add a new gamplay possibility for all modes... more soon.

LD50 Lite has been approved by Apple and can be downloaded on the App Store for free!

Just click here to be taken to LD50 Lite on the App Store:

Gone Gold

March 2nd, 2009

LD50 and LD50 Lite have been submitted to the app store:

More updates on status as they become available.

From the Front Lines

February 14th, 2009

The beta test is under way.   Here's some of the feedback so far:

The .zip-file contains the source for the app, but no .ipa or anything I can import to iTunes. Am I stupid for thinking this is a mistake?

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but how exactly do I add the app to my iPod. It's not showing up in iTunes.

How do i put it onto my iphone?

You see where this is heading... if anything, it highlights how much of a pain it is for users to work with ad hoc builds.

Now let's cherry-pick some of the meatier feedback:

This game is great with alot of great features. The overall gameplay is amazing. The transitions between game levels are good. The campaign mode is really fun, would be better if u could savve your file. THe fact that you explained each type of weapon is just amazing and the amount of weapons their are just very impressive. THe graphics are really good, although the levels can be improved by making them more different rather than looking the same. All in all this application is amazing and will great in the app store.

this game will be in top 10 :)  this game is simply AWESOME.

The best app for iPhone  I think that this will be in the top one the hour it is released. I love it.

Not too shabby so far.  I should pay these guys more.  But seriously, these beta testers are doing  a great job beating on the app and providing suggestions.

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