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Contact: Payton R. White
Prehiti Labs LLC

Foster City, CA - March 11, 2009

Introducing LD50:

LD50 is the first fully 3D artillery (scorched-earth style) game for the iPhone™ and iPod® touch. The game features lush, deformable terrain; exciting 3D graphics and effects; a range of highly explosive weapons; and multiple gameplay modes against a challenging computer opponent. Developed from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod touch, the game has an intuitive and visually appealing touch interface and uses the built-in accelerometer for control of a few of the most devastating weapons. LD50 is available now on the App Store for $2.99.

Please email contact@labs.prehiti.com for a promotional code or an ad hoc build.

Info on LD50 including video, screenshots and more: http://labs.prehiti.com/ld50
Redirect to LD50 on the App Store: http://labs.prehiti.com/ld50/itms

LD50 Lite:

LD50 Lite is now available for free on the App Store. LD50 Lite provides a taste of the LD50 experience and includes all of the weapons and some of the same gameplay modes as LD50.

About Prehiti Labs LLC:

Prehiti Labs was founded to bring compelling and unique gaming experiences to the iPhone and iPod touch platforms. Prehiti Labs founder, Payton R. White, has been involved with cutting edge work in the  the video game and visual simulation industries for over 15 years. Payton brings his expertise in interactive entertainment to this great new platform and is excited about the possibilities for future titles from Prehiti Labs. Before launching Prehiti Labs, Payton most recently led a team in the R&D division of Sony Computer Entertainment that contributed a number of key technologies to the PlayStation 3 platform as well as a number of SCE titles.

Prehiti Labs home page: http://labs.prehiti.com

If you would like more information on LD50, LD50 Lite or Prehiti Labs LLC, please contact Payton R. White at contact@labs.prehiti.com.

This release was updated on 2009/03/16 to note the availability of LD50 Lite on the App Store.

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