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Menu and Help System

January 26th, 2009

It's been a busy week or two, except for a trip to the snow in Tahoe.

The latest work is on the menu/help system.  Below is a contact sheet for the new menus.  These will be activated in the next day or so.

After this, the remaining work is largely under-the-hood tweaking and tuning.

LD50 Update

January 5th, 2009

New ad hoc version today with a super-simple gameplay upgrade.

Now, each round starts by giving the user and the computer an identical set of random weapons.

Check the pic below.

Of course this isn't the final gameplay mechanic. An upcoming rev will add a "career" mode with an upgrade store between rounds.

Latest Eye Candy

January 3rd, 2009

Here are some snaps of the latest LD50 development.

Highlights are the three weapons now controlled by the accelerometer: the guided missile, the laser and the earthquake bomb.

So, with three accelerometer controlled weapons, there's a new, more interesting balance to the game.  The weapons that would otherwise be somewhere between the small conventional weapons and the catastrophically cool nukes are not without their charms now.  The earthquake bomb, for instance (maybe to be anointed the "earthquake affector") occasionally does a little damage and can be used strategically to disadvantage an opponent.  Now, with the interactive control, it's lethality is in the hands of the user.  Way more incentive to pony up for it and the other weapons in the upgrade store between rounds.

Also included is a shot of the power up bubbles floating away from a recent kill.

New Year, New Blog

January 2nd, 2009

The folks <cough> at Prehiti Labs will be logging their exploits here aperiodically.

The goal is the usual:  To share a slice of the Prehiti Labs process and creative aesthetic in order to inform and foster a dialog with those interested in Prehiti Labs products, of which their are currently none.

With regards to product, Prehiti Labs is deep in the throes of development on a game for the iPhone/iPod touch.  So, that's what the blog will necessarily focus on for a while.

Enjoy and engage.

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